Islamic Forex

Are you a trader of Muslim faith? Then consider our Islamic Forex Account, which allows you to trade on the standard terms without having interest fees credited or debited. The swap-free option is available on our Trade.MT5 account, and ensures Islamic traders do not pay or earn swaps or interest on CFDs on currency pairs, indices, commodities, shares, ETFs and bonds.

Benefits of the Islamic (swap-free) account

Made for Islamic traders

The Islamic account offers the same tight spreads, fast execution and the popular MT5 platform as the standard Trade.MT5 account, while being swap -free.

No interest fees paid or received

The Islamic Forex account is swap- free, with no interest paid or received throughout the duration of the contract.

Broad selection of account features

Access all other trading account benefits, including low spreads and commissions, fast execution, and cutting-edge trading technology.

Islamic Trading Account Features at a Glance

No interest/swap adjustments on
overnight positions

No spread widening or specific up-
front commissions

Option to open an MT5 account
as an Islamic Account

Same trading conditions as on
standard trading accounts

Availability for both Retail and
Professional Clients

No restrictions on trading styles
strategies or use of Expert Advisors

Administration Fees

Islamic Forex Accounts do not pay or earn swaps or interest on any CFDs on currency pairs, indices, commodities, shares, ETFs and bonds, excluding CFDs on exotic currency pairs and cryptocurrencies, where a small financing charge is applicable overnight.

Any trades open with a holding period of more than 3 days (1 day for cryptocurrencies and exotic currency pairs) are charged a flat administration fee.
Administration fees for all instruments can be viewed here.

Download Agreement

The VipTrade Islamic Account has been designed only for Forex and CFD traders who are unable to receive or pay swaps due to their religious beliefs. Please note that VipTrade is not a religious institution; therefore do not take our Islamic Account definition as permission to trade. Please independently verify that all your trading is in accordance with your beliefs.

As soon as you receive confirmation that your live account is open, you can initiate your first deposit via Trader"s Room using your preferred deposit method.

In order to open a live Islamic Account, Muslim clients must sign up for a Trader"s Room account through this page, apply for an Trade.MT5 account and provide the requested ID documents.Please note that this option is not available if you already have a non-Islamic account with us.

You can request a withdrawal of your funds any time via Trader"s Room. We normally process withdrawal requests within 24 hours on business days.

All Muslim clients who use an Islamic Account will be charged standard spreads and commissions and the administration charge. Also, standard terms for dividend adjustments apply.

Standard conditions for dividend adjustment are also applied.

There are no swap or interest charges. We apply an administration fee justifiable for administration of related expenses to manage your account.

In order to provide fair and transparent access to global markets, VipTrade has to pass on the costs associated with maintaining their open positions.

All our liquidity providers charge certain fees to keep positions open and this cost is passed onto clients via the administration fee.

VipTrade calculates and applies the administration fee at 00:00-00:01 (EET) on all open positions on all Islamic trading accounts from Monday to Thursday. 3-day administration fee is charged on Fridays at 00:00-00:01 (EET) for rolling the open positions over the weekend.

If you are a new trader, VipTrade offers a range of education options to get you started. These include hundreds of free articles live webinars with experienced traders, as well as online courses.

Terms and Conditions of Islamic (Swap-free) account

The Islamic (Swap-free) account (hereinafter Swap-free account) is provided by LLC TRADE HOLDING (hereinafter VIPTRADE, We, Us, Our as appropriate) P. O. Box 1574 First Floor, First St.Vincent Bank Ltd Building, James Street, Kingstown St Vincent & the Grenadines. (Registration Number : 384 LLC 2020).

  • 1. and subject to the following terms and conditions (Terms And Conditions).
  • 2. Terms and Conditions are a supplement to the existing client agreement and govern additional terms and conditions applicable to the Swap-free account. For the purpose of the agreement, definitions and expressions shall have the meaning assigned to them in the general terms of business of VIPTRADE.
  • 3. A swap-free account designed for clients who want to trade without interest. We do not provide any warranty that the Swap-free accounts comply with the requirements of any faith or set of beliefs.
  • 4. Swap-Free accounts do not pay or earn swap or interest on any trades. Standard spreads, commissions and other standard terms of VIPTRADE accounts apply.
  • 5. VIPTRADE may, at its discretion:
    • 1.update specific charges relating to Swap-free accounts on its website from time to time.
    • 2. apply, without prior notice, additional commission fees with respect to ex-dividend payments for CFDs on indices, single shares and ETFs for trades carried during ex-dividend days.
  • 6. Swap-free accounts are to be used in good faith, and clients may not use the Swap-free account to make profits from swaps or not paying swaps. They should also note that they may not request the payment of any swap amounts that have been lost as a result of converting their live trading account(s) into one or more Swap-free accounts for the period during which their live trading account(s) has/have been converted into one or more Swap-free accounts.
  • 7. VIPTRADE reserves the right to revoke a Swap-free account status without having to provide reasoning for this. If VIPTRADE detects that a Swap-free Account is being abused by taking advantage of not paying swaps, in the form of, but not limited to: fraud, manipulation, cash-back arbitrage, carry trades, or other forms of deceitful or fraudulent activity with the usage of a Swap-free account, then we reserve the right to take immediate action in the form of:
    • 1. revoking the Swap-free account status to all live trading accounts that are under suspicion of exploitation;
    • 2. Termination of the client agreement.
  • 8. We advise that we reserve the right to cancel the Swap-free account status granted to any live account at any time without being obliged to provide any explanation or justification.

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