IB Programs

Official IB status is your possibility to own an independent and well-paid business by attracting new clients to Real Trade. The more active clients you bring to the Company, the more successful your business is. You will become recognized as a competent person in Forex market and will receive high income depending on trading volumes.

Our partnership program supports individual traders, brokers, dealing centres and other Forex business-related representatives.


  • your own business with a minimum level of initial capital investments
  • high regular income depending on trading volumes
  • joint participation in Real Trade advertising campaigns in mass media, at international exhibitions and on the Internet
  • professional support during the process of cooperation
  • reliable reputation among existing and potential clients


  • support clients on technical and Forex-related questions
  • hold training courses and seminars on Forex
  • maintain the Company’s good image


  • great experience in business and good knowledge of Forex market
  • business plan and advertising strategy
  • good communication and initiative skills


  • submit your application via e-mail sending request to [email protected]
  • get approved by the Company
  • sign the Partnership Agreement
  • get familiarized with operation principles of the management program MetaTrader 5
  • maintain a high level of cooperation at all stages of partnership
  • succeed in business!
Step 1

Register as a Forex affiliate with VipTrade and gain access to the affiliate portal.

Step 2

Select an offer with promotional materials that best suit you and your audience.

Step 3

Publish promotional materials provided by VipTrade on your website or platform.

Step 4

Earn commissions (up to $600) via one of the best CPA affiliate programs in the market for each client referred to VipTrade.

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IB - Introducing Broker (representing Broker) - a person or company earning revenue from each completed customer, transactions in the marketplace. IB attracts customers to the trading platform of the partner broker, motivates existing customers to more actively trade, takes part in advertising campaigns (both conducted by the partner broker and its own), represents, exclusively on its own behalf, the interests of the partner broker on the Internet (forums, blogs, etc.) and in any other area of ​ ​ activity. To attract as many active traders as possible. VIPTRADE offers to join the IB VIP program and become a Representative Broker (IB). IB VIP is a profitable business for people who can make decisions. The mutually beneficial conditions of IB VIP ensure long-term and fruitful cooperation. In the first phase of the partnership, you will not be required to have specific expertise in financial market trading or any other economic skills. You earn money simply by participating in VIPTRADE advertising campaigns, or simply share information with your partners, acquaintances, customers interested in Internet trading. By engaging in cooperation, without special effort, you provide yourself with a high level of income.

You will get 10%-20%-30% per trade. This is the standard practice all over the world.

After you open an affiliate account (which is also available for trading), you can refer customers by sending them your affiliate link. When they click the affiliate link and open a trading account, they are recorded as your referrals. You can also spread the information among your friends. Another way is to tell them your affiliate code (which your friend should enter when registering a trading account), or ask them to send an email with their full name, account number, and the number of your affiliate account to [email protected] You can learn more about the affiliate programs of the company in a special section of our website.

No, there is no restriction.

There are no specific requirements. You can refer customers by spreading information among your friends, as well as working as VIPTRADE representative in your region.

IB (Introducing Broker) partner – it could be a person or a group of people or a company, who working on creating a client base of active traders. IB partner gets all necessary software, support, advises and directions for the attracting process, or he can use their own unique method. The result is that IB getting commission based on completed trading process of their clients. The more clients and more trading operations completed, more commission getting IB partner. Sounds like you just doing advertising. There is only one huge difference between those, who doing advertising and IB partners. There is no fixed commission rate. The volume of your income keeps growing with no limit. Earn as much as you can take away.

The next important question, for those, who thinking about IB partnership program. Choosing well known, reputable broker company, which can be trusted. VIPTRADE is the one, who has all those qualities. Over 3 years in worldwide financial market. We are young and rapidly developing broker company. Why? Cause, each one of our clients gets professional support and good service. We are getting good reviews from those, who doing business with us. We are holding leader positions at many different ratings. Getting certificates of a good standing and many other things, this says about our professional level. Reputation is one of the important things in that field of business. We are keeps working on it and does it better, than everyone else. That, why you want to become a partner with VIPTRADE.

In order to register in becoming a Partner of VIPTRADE you should have register personal cabinet. Fill in the application form and an partner manager shall contact you within 3 business days and confirm your registration. An welcome email with a unique partner link and commission accounts data will be send to you immediately.

Yes, existing VIPTRADE customers can become IB's, If you’re an existing customer and you think that our affiliate program could be right for you then please contact us now.

There are no limitations. The moment you refer one friend you are by definition a regular affiliate which allows you to even chose the Commission structure you would prefer.

Your unique VIPTRADE IBs account will enable you to manage every aspect of your Personal Cabinet (Introducing Broker) portfolio and features a wide range of reporting options to help you keep on top of every aspect of your ongoing operations.

In some national jurisdictions you will require certification in order to become an IB. If you are unsure about this issue and wish to know more, please contact us now and one of our agents will assist you with your inquiry.

The Promo code is a tracking code used to track clients referred by IB's, IB's must include their Promo code in order to get credit for the commissions generated by their clients trades. The ref-id is added to the URL link in the partner's site. The following example shows how affiliate 1234's link would look : https://cabinet.viptrade.eu/ge/invite/00485f Each affiliate can find their partner link in the top of the homepage on your VIPTRADE Personal Cabinet..

No, you can't. An IB account is used only to receive the commission. In order to conduct trading operations, you can open an additional trading account in your profile. Also, you can transfer funds from the IB Partner account to the trading one.

The lifetime of an Partner link is not limited as long as at least one affiliate account is active.

Commissions are paid on the 1st (+2 days)of every month once you reach your minimum payout option. Then the processing will allow it to be in your account before the 15th of the month depending on the payment method you use.

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