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Start your own MetaTrader business at the lowest possible cost. Take advantage of our solutions and infrastructure and create your own brand in the financial industry.

MetaTrader 5
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What is included in the VipTrade White Label partnership

MetaTrader 5 trading platforms - Desktop, Mobile and WebTrader

500+ instruments including FX, CFDs on indices, commodities, and US, UK, and EU blue chip stocks and ETFs

Customisable spreads from 0.0 pips

Reporting and risk management tools

Several business models available

Servers in LD4 London for ultra-fast execution

How it works


Request a callback. Tell us which platforms and instruments you are interested in and get an offer. Once we have agreed on the setup, we can start the onboarding process


Provide your KYC documents and sign the contract with us. The contract will include platforms, instruments, market data plans, risk management models, fees and commissions, spreads and leverages.


We"ll provide you with a web API for creating client accounts in MT5 and help you with integration. You can create accounts manually as well - no integration needed!


Start onboarding clients and run your venture with our continuous support.

The White Label partnership is an easy way to start your own trading business without the need to obtain a full platform licence or expensive infrastructure. Instead, we provide you with a sub-licensed platform, high liquidity, and our infrastructure in LD4 Equinix, one of the best data centres in the world - all of which you get by paying a set of fees.

How white label partnerships work in a nutshell:

  • • You decide which platforms, trading instruments, spreads and leverages you would like to provide to your clients and sign the contract with us.
  • • We provide you with branded builds of selected platforms with your logo and contact details.Plus, you get all the required tools for account monitoring, risk management, and reporting.
  • • You open accounts for your clients and accept client deposits using the provided account management tool or via web API.
  • • You monitor your clients" activity and, if needed, hedge your risks with us

When becoming a White Label partner you get:

  • • Trading platforms for your clients (MT5 for Windows, MT5 for iOS and Android, MT5 WebTrader).
  • • A personalised offering, including our service fees and a full description of the technical setup, instruments, leverage, spreads and markups, client groups and account currencies.
  • • MT5 Manager software for supervising your client accounts and trades, as well as for opening new client accounts.
  • • MT5 web API for linking your client area on your website with our system, so your clients will be able to open accounts online.
  • • An institutional account in MT5 for hedging your exposure risks.
  • • Market data products: CFDs on FX, commodities, indices, top stocks and ETFs from the US, the EU, and the UK.

As your White Label partner, we facilitate the technical execution of your client orders in our infrastructure. You have an option to make no trades with us at all and just pay the execution fees, or fully/partially externalise any or all of your exposure risks to us using your institutional trading account

We provide major and minor FX pairs as well as exotics; major global indices; and top commodities - all of which are free of charge.

Our paid market data package includes over 500 CFDs on US, EU, UK blue chip stocks and ETFs.

There are several fees paid as a one-time payment and monthly that you need to take into account:

1. Platform fee.

The price of the platform will depend on the package you choose. We offer MT5 desktop, MT5 mobile, WebTrader - you can purchase either one or all of them (or any combination).

2.Market data fee (if applicable).

Market data for CFDs on FX, indices, commodities is provided free of charge. Data for CFDs on stocks and ETFs come with an additional monthly price. This will include the sub-license fee.

3. Execution fee.

The charge of the execution will depend on the business model that you use but prices range from $10 to $20 per $1m volume.

To get an exact price, please contact us and we will calculate all the expenses based on your requirements.

Depending on the country in which your company is registered, you may need to acquire a licence. Generally, you do need a licence to provide financial services in most countries, even though regulation differs around the world.

We will require you to provide the following documents:

  • • Representative IDs of all directors and beneficial owners
  • • Proof of address for all beneficiary owners who own more than 25% of the company
  • • Bank statement of the company
  • • Articles of association
  • • Proof of licence or certificate to operate in their financial industry
  • • Business registry extract
  • • Shareholders list
  • • Documentation which clearly shows the eligible counterparty company structure
  • • LEI code
  • • Company’s AML Policy
  • • Completed W-8BEN-E form (provided by us)
  • • Completed AML Questionnaire (provided by us)
  • • Signed Client Agreement (provided by us)

If you have trouble finding any of these documents or need more clarification, please contact us.

A Forex White Label business enters into a partnership agreement with an existing FX brokerage firm to receive access to the broker’s trading platform and liquidity, but under the unique brand of the white label affiliate.

We do not provide any PSP, CRM, KYC, or live chat solutions - you would need to purchase these separately from other providers or create your own.

The integration takes up to 2 weeks. However, the process preceding the integration usually takes the most time. First, you would need to get all the required documents, pass the KYC procedure, and sign the contract. As soon as this is done, the integration process should not take longer than 2 weeks.

We understand that, as a brand, you want to offer personalised trading terms for your clients. You can modify our commissions and widen or lower spreads based on your business strategy.This can be done towards individual instruments or groups as well as during specific times.

You can also leave spreads and commission as they are and your clients will get the same competitive trading terms as our retail clients do.

You can choose to hedge all trades on back to back basis or not hedge any trades at all or any combination thereof, and flexibly manage your hedging parameters. If you choose to hedge with us, you will need to open an institutional account.

Choosing the right trading platform or software is one of the critical first steps of running a successful white label program. Unfortunately, many inexperienced companies opt for the free, proprietary platforms that some brokerage firms offer. This is a big mistake. If your potential customers are not familiar with the platform that you decide to go with, it’ll be more difficult to convince them to open accounts with your firm. Furthermore, if you ever want to part ways with the existing brokerage firm in the picture and move your clients to another broker, the learning curve associated with a new platform might discourage your clients from moving.

Unfortunately, over the years, many clueless internet ferrets have come to believe otherwise; that a “partial white label” means a free ride in the branded Forex train. This could not be further from the truth. When you see the word “partial” applied to a white label solution, it is not referring to a partial/lower fee or a free trading solution of any kind. Whereas a “Full” White Label involves two key components, a branded trading platform and the ability to take deposits directly from customers, a partial solution does not. The partial setup does include the rebranded platform (with the name/logo of the partner on it), but not the ability to take deposits.

In addition to fees for setting up, branding and managing your platform (see previous section), operating a private label business is just like running any other business. There are expenses associated with it.

Just because you have the money to brand your own FX platform and start a private label business doesn’t mean you’ll become an instant success (or ever succeed for that matter). This is a fact, despite what certain unscrupulous brokerage firms in the industry would like you to believe.

Your white label organization requires a strong foundation. That foundation will be weak unless the brokerage firm that you decide to use, the one that will provide your platform and trade execution, is good. In fact, the entire success of your business as a private label is piggybacked on the quality and reliability of the broker that you choose.

Before even getting started in the branded FX space, you need to make sure that your business name, logos, images, and any other visual representation of your brand instills a sense of trust and confidence in your clients. This is an area where we recommend that you invest time and money to get it done right. Many potential clients will take only seconds to judge your business. Why risk a rejection due to a poor looking logo? It’s just not worth it.

One big advantage of not taking deposits and operating as a partial provider instead is simplicity. Getting the platform branded is something that’s relatively easy to do and can be accomplished in less than two weeks if all your company documents are in order. It is also simpler to allow your customers to deposit their money directly with the licensed brokerage firm that’s providing your platform. In fact, if you go this route, your customers will likely feel more secure because they will know that their accounts and money are with a well known and regulated broker (not a new private label brand).

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