Technical Analysis

What is Technical Analysis?

One of the most important part of the trading process is a collection and analysis of information affect the market movements.The currencies direction, enter and exit market timing, the price value relatively to the certain time moment are the main questions disclosed by forex analysis. Nowadays, forex analytics is a complex system of the methods and approaches includes technical and fundamental types of analysis.

Technical Analysis - is a price changes forecasting by the statistical computer indicators, oscillators and graphic models based on price charts.
The obtained analytical data allow market participants to adequately assess the conjuncture in order to effectively build investment and trading strategies and tactics.

2023-03-02 09:00:19

apanese Candlesticks Analysis 02.03.2023 (NZDUSD, GBPUSD)

On H4, at the resistance level, the pair has formed a Shooting Star reversal

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2023-03-02 08:55:43

The USDCAD remains above MA 200 H1

Yesterday the USDCAD traded down and closed the day in the red zone near

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2023-02-22 11:25:34

USDJPY Technical Analysis - Interest Rates in Focus

On the daily chart below, we can see that the price is now clearly in an uptrend

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2023-02-15 10:26:19

EURUSD settling between 100/200 hour MA after day extreme targets are tested

The EURUSD traded with up and down volatility today.

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2023-02-14 07:45:41

GBPUSD looks to close above the 200 hour MA

As the trading day moves toward the close the GBPUSD is looking to close

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2023-02-13 11:10:39

Ichimoku Cloud Analysis 13.02.2023 (GBPUSD, AUDUSD)

GBPUSD is going inside the bearish channel. The instrument is going below the Ichimoku

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